Driver hits, kills 44-year-old riding his bike in Menomonee Falls

This year’s fatal crash involving a person riding a bicycle occurred at 4:30 p.m., June 4 in Menomonee Falls when Patrick Heitman was struck by a 78-year-old driver attempting to make a left turn. At this point last year there were already six people killed riding bicycles on Wisconsin roadways. Heitman was traveling southeast and [...]

Blaming the Biking Victim

It’s the job of defense attorneys to provide a zealous defense of their clients. But that doesn’t excuse them from criticism when they cross the line. That’s what happened this week when attorney Mark Eisenberg asked a Dane County sheriff’s deputy if he had heard complaints about Cynthia Arsnow riding her bike on Highway 14. [...]

Wisconsin Bike Summit Presentations

This year the Wisconsin Bike Summit will be in Milwaukee on May 4th at UW-M School of Continuing Education.  The Summit features a number of sessions that focus on Milwaukee-specific cycling issues and equity, as well as many speakers addressing topics of interest to suburban and rural residents as well. With sessions on road rage, [...]